I love tutoring and helping out. I hold my students in high esteem and very much value their learning. I like a bit of fun as well!!!


I am a local resident who takes pride in providing a personal service to local families. I have tutored some students for up to 10 years from primary school through to the end of college.

I am flexible in the lessons I provide. Students can receive regular weekly lessons or one off casual lessons as they choose. No long term contract is required.

 I aim to provide genuine service. A catch-up lesson is always provided when a student has been unable to get to a lesson. I have no issue doing a Saturday or Sunday lesson – even in the evening – to help a college student prepare for an upcoming exam. I may even travel to their home if no transport is available.

My goal is to assist students as much as possible. I write many of my own notes for students to help with their understanding and provide checklists to assist them cover all aspects of the work.

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