Maths: Year 9 and 10 tuition covers the current class unit or a unit of Maths a student is weak in i.e. the Number or Algebra skills.


Year 10 is specifically geared as preparation for NCEA Level One Maths exams examined in Year 11 (or sometimes in Year 10).


Year 11 and Year 12 tuition covers NCEA Level One and Two Internal Assessments and External Exams


Year 13 tuition covers NCEA Level Three Statistics.


Regular lessons: $40 for 45 minute lessons or $45 per week for close to an hour.

Casual lessons: $50 per hour with discounts provided for two or more lessons per week and a guaranteed number of lessons taken.

Brian Hookway's latest Police Check is dated 25 November 2015, obtained through Kapanui School. It shows a clear result.

Science: Year 9 and 10 tuition covers the elements of science (biology, chemistry and physics) that will be assessed and examined under NCEA Level One in Year 11.

Year 11 tuition covers NCEA Level One Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Year 12 tuition is for Biology only.


Regular lessons: Usually held Monday to Friday after college or early evening. A set time is provided each week. It is a requirement that each week’s lesson is paid for but a catch up is provided for any missed lesson.

Lessons will be at my home in Raumati Beach. Weekend lessons will usually be at my home though I may manage home visits. Lessons during the holidays will be at either the student’s home or mine. 

Casual lessons: Book lessons only as required and pay only for lessons taken. This suits students wanting lessons during weekends and school holidays as preparation for a specific upcoming assessment or exam. However care needs to be taken in “pencilling in” possible lessons – once booked payment is expected.

Casual lessons at the weekend can be Saturday or Sunday evenings to help out a student with weekend sport or work commitments.

Shared lessons: I do not arrange shared lessons but if a student wants to share a lesson with a friend on a regular or casual basis that is fine with me and the fee can be shared.

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